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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Say GOODBYE to these numbers! :-)

Brave Soul:

Starting Weight:

Adora (birdies nest)158.8
Alexia (the one last thing)301.2
Amy (Amys quest to skinny)186
Angel (Angel-lifehappens)


Angie (Angie all the way)180
Barb (Losing but not lost)253.4
Candace (Javachick)144
Caroline (Corlines Commitment)220.8
Carolyn (One pound at a time)*
Carrie (Newlywed)202.8
Cat (Cats meow)256
Christy (weighting for critter)204
Chrstine (non-blogger)160.4
Cinemarie (english cinemarie)157.2
Cowgirl Warrior (WW for life)188.2
Diana (Diana135)176.6
Donna (Tidbits of Info)206.2
Donna K. (non-blogger)165
Espressomama (On dogs and coffee)187.5
Fatinah (Fatinah)155.4
Fiona (Fionas journey)138.4
Genevieve (A year from now)249.8
Heather (Heathers WW Adventures)222
Janessa (Darkness to Life)275.8
Jason (Sorry to myself)265.4
Jeannie (Points and Pounds)175.2
Jen (Fabulous new body)220
Jen (La vita bella)


Jennifer (Jennifers-journey)158.8
Jodi (Accidentally extraordinary)303.6
Julie (10000 times a charm)282.5
Julie (newstart-julie)243.4
Karen (Blogging for Balance)*
Karen (My journey to a healthier life)242
Kari (Kari taking back control)249
Kate (Fab 50)305.8
Katie (Recommited to myself)187.2
Kelly (Choosing Losing)224
Kimberly (Country jacket)141
Krissie (Questions for dessert)230.4
Krista (Kristas Kraziness)185
Laura (Lola Runs)175
Leigh Anne (Automatic eater)181
Lesley (Farm girl)157
Lisa (Doin it for me)211.6
Lori (Second verse, same as the first)233
Lorraine (Second verse same as the first)233
Lynn (Confessions of a Curvy Girl)205
Lynne (Chubby girl does good)232
Maria (non-blogger)153
Mary Frances (Finding the Real Me)*207
Mel (A box of chocolates)149
Melanie (Mel-now or never)234.8
Michelle (dieting battle)271
Michelle (Fat mom is a loser)193
Mickie (TrickieMickie)206
Monica (Confessions of a + size girl)230
Noelle (Fighting to have fun)197
Paige (nerds-n-coke)168
Paige's Mom (No more short and round)157.4
Randi (The next thing to try)136.8
Renata (non-blogger)128
Roxy (elle-lame-o)144
Sara (The Chronicles of the new Sara)166
Sarah (The New Sarah Sundae)*
Sarah B (Goal is set)*285.6
Sarah B (non-blogger)198
Sarah Z (non-blogger)170
Sherri (Goal Digger)230.2
Suzanne (Spunkisuzi)138.6
Tanya (More than a chunky monkey)284
Tiffany (From 12 to 6)170

As you can see there are a few *'s here and there. The ones with the *'s and the numbers mean that those people still owe me their WI's from today and these numbers were their WI's from last Sunday that they had provided me:

Mary Frances (Finding the real me)

Sarah B (Goal is set)

The ones with just the * means they didn't give me a number at all. So these guys are in trouble:

Carolyn (One pound at a time)
Sarah (The new sarah sundae) - not to be confused with "The New Sarah"

Oooooooooh, you're in trouble!!!!


Lisa aka water_nymph said...

wow Angie! Great job!! And there are 72 or so of us!! WOW!!!

those of you with private blogs, if you don't mind adding me, i would greatly appreciate it :)


chubbygirldoesgood said...

Here we go! Thanks again, Angie, for all your hard work. That's alot of tracking! Can't wait to 'meet' everyone and for all of us to be lighter in 3 months!

Critter said...

We are all going to kick butt!!!!

kadee29 said...

What an awesome sight to behold! All of these women (and our token guy) ready to kick some ass and take some names! I love it.

Just gotta remember not to compare my weight with others, I need to do this for ME!

Katie said...

Angie you are wonderful for doing all of this work! Thanks so much :)


Biggest Loser Blog Edition said...

Thanks guys! Now that all the major sign up work is done, hopefully we'll be clear sailing with the WI's!

Something's a little wonky with Angel's for some reason. Sorry Angel! :-S

marlieben said...

I am following all your progress while trying to do my best at losing too. I must say that one of the reasons I love this challenge is because I get to read so many fantastic blogs. So many of you have the same challenges as me, so I am learning from you how best to deal with them, because my way doesnt work at all. Keep up the good work you all.

Lynn said...

OMG< there are tons of us!!

Mary Frances said...

I just sent you an email, but in case it gets lost amoung the million you must be weight now is 209 :(

Thanks for organizing all of us. WOW!!!!!

Paige'smom said...

Great job Angie!!

Thank you again for taking this on.


Carolyn said...

Ahhh I'm awful!!

I'm e-mailing you right now!

Jen said...

FRIGGIN CRAAAAAAZY! I can't believe how many there are!!!!

I have to remember to write you every Sunday after I weigh in!!!!
(Yesterdays was slightly dismal, only 0.4, so 227 excuses!! If it WAS TOM, that will show next week and I just have to be patient!)

thenewsarahsundae said...

I just got back from vacation! Emailing you now!!

Adora said...

Holy skinny cow! I can't wait to see our total numbers in December!

Alexia @ The One Last Thing said...

Cowgirl on WW for Life had a great idea -- we should have t-shirts at the end! Maybe we can do it through

nmburleson said...

I'm not part of the challenge, but I wanted to stop by and say good luck to everyone! I'm just finishing up a biggest loser contest that my gym sponsored. I hope you guys have fun a lose lots of weight!!!! :)

thenewsarahsundae said...

You got my info now!!

Just_Kelly said...

Holy COW! That is a lot of people! Yay!