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Friday, September 19, 2008

Tell us your tricks!

You know, the mind tricks and justifications you use on yourself to allow you to over-indulge when you shouldn't or when you give yourself veto power on gym days. Some of us know each other pretty well already, but let's face it, we're creeping up to about 50 participants so far and we don't know each other well enough to call each other out all the time.

So I think you should do a post recognizing your own excuses and the kinds of behaviour you know is just fluff. Randi posted this today (I keep putting her on the spot, but she's the perfect BLBE person because she always honest and she sees her own weaknesses). She says:

So fellow BLBE-ers, I'm asking you to keep me accountable on the portion size thing, on the eating less than I do now. I'm not going to want to tell you how much I'm eating, and I'm going to justify how much I'm eating every way I know how ("my metabolism is high from my muscle mass" "I need more food because I work out so much" "i'm eating fruit for crying out loud, you can't limit my fruit!") but I need you to watch out for these and then kick my ass when I use them. This is an ass kicking challenge, not a make her feel better about herself challenge. In fact, if I do say stuff like that, remind me of my goals, wearing a smoking hot *tight* dress at SILs wedding, being comfortable in a bikini, LOOKING like a fitness instructor. Remind me of how I feel when around my in-laws (like a giant amazon woman), how I love to be the envied one and the one people talk about, how good it feels to go shopping and have things fit. And remind me that having a banana after a full meal does not get me there, and having snacks more than 200 calories keep me from being that person. Yes it's healthy, but it's not weight loss.

That is what we are all here for guys! I want you to be serious and be able to handle it if someone pipes up and calls your bluff.



Randi said...

Well you should know that I of course LOVE being called out and completely revel in other people agreeing with me and liking me. So feel free to keep it up!!!

I think that is an important thing to do as well. I know if I didn't put that out there, I'd keep using those excuses and you guys wouldn't know that they were "just excuses" and let it slide.

Jen said...

aw....homework???? I kid!!! Off to do it now!!!