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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Tick, Tick, Tick - Kick, Kick, Kick

Okay guys, I still haven't heard from:

Adora (birdies nest)
Angel (Angel-lifehappens)
Carolyn (one pound at a time)
Carrie (newlywed)
Cowgirl Warrior (WW for life)
Julie (1000 times a charm)
Kate (Fab 50)
Krissie (Questions for dessert)
Lori (Second verse, same as the first)
Maria (non-blogger)
Melanie (Mel-now or never)
Renata (non-blogger)
Sara (The chronicles of the new sara)

I'm going to be posting up the list as it stands in half an hour.

I'd hate to have any no shows, that's not very good in the very first week!


Just_Kelly said...

For your sanity I think you should give everyone a day or whatever that they MUST give you results by. Or they are nixed from the competition.

Krissie said...

sorry! I just got back in town. I sent you my weight.

Lori said...

Hi! Actually I did send you my results on Thusday but i noticed you had me listed twice. Lori and Lorraine from Second Verse Same as the First are the same person... me! lol. Im 231.. down 2 pounds