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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Week 13 Results - the "Last Chance Workout/Weigh-in" edition

Our chart toppers for this week are:

1. Angie with 2.33% GONE!
2. Cinemarie with 0.92% GONE!
3. Fiona with 0.88% GONE!

And our Challenge leaders nearing the end of the challenge are:
1. Michelle with 10.46% GONE! Forever, see ya!
2. Lesley with 8.41% GONE! Au revoir, bon voyage!
3. Angie with 6.67% GONE! Adios amigos!
Michelle is going to be a hard woman to beat you guys, but let's give her a run for her money for our final WI this week!!!!!!! This is your "last chance workout/weigh-in" week where you get the chance to spruce up your stats to enter into 2009 proud of your progress so far. You get the chance to come out on the other side of all of the holiday temptations with great results and that will propel you to continue your progress in the new year - no need for resolutions here you guys! Nope! That's because we've already got to work on them and we're ahead of that foolishness :-D


Alexia @ The One Last Thing said...

You guys are doing awesome!

Amy said...

I'm a little late, but would love to join this if you do it again!