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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Challenge Kickoff!

Hey Everyone!! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are ready to "officially" kick off this challenge!! Woooohooot! Lemme hear a "hells yeah"!!! No? Okay, well a simple "woot" or "wohooo" will do too! :-D
Now that we're hoping to have the major organizational stuff squared away and have the forum up and running, we will now be collecting your WI's as of tomorrow. So if you're a Monday WI-er like myself, please email your WI result to either me or Lynn depending on what team you are on.
Just to clarify and to give people another chance to make sure they know what team they are on, Here's a list of the most fabulous players er, my team roster :-D:

Amanda E (TBD)
Amie L (On my way to fabulous)
Angie All The Way
Angie M (Losin' it…losing weight without…)
Ashleigh (Bringing skinny back)
Ashley V (Aspiring Ash)
Betsey (Betseydoodle)
Betsy (Calorie junkie)
Bre (Bre's bloggings)
Brooke L (Pantenegirl)
Cadee W (I'll weight here)
Cara (Cara's weight loss journey)
Caroline M (Thinner Future)
Cat (Cat's meow)
CJ (Project 55)
Cory (This is the year)
Cowgirl Warrior (WW for life)
Daniela A (Losing weight - for good!)
Dee S (My journey)
Diana C (Diana's weight loss journey)
Diane B (The incredible shrinking family)
Elizabeth G (Monkey)
Evelyn (Redwood-eve)
Genevieve (And so the journey begins)
Graciela (55 Alive and losing it)
Hannah K (Becoming)
Heather M (H-woman''s random ramblings)
Ida (Losing myself)
Jeannie (Points and pounds)
Jen K (Diary of a real girl)
Jennifer R (Let me be brave in the attempt)
Jennifer C-S (The me I was meant to be)
Jennifer P (Squishy)
Jennifer S (Fabulous new body)
Jess G (Food coma)
Julie DV (Dutch being me)
Julie L (New start, new life)
Julie W (The interoverted extrovert)
Kallee (Getting to goal)
Karen (My journey to a healthier life)
Karen Q (Baby fat go bye bye)
Kari (Taking back control)
Katie D (On my way…to a new me!)
Kiki (Overhauling-me)
Kimberly (The woman inside me)
Kimberly H (Reflections)
Kinder D (Me, only better)
Krissy (Takes from the midwest scale)
Krissy H (Fat and sassy)
Kristy (non-blogger)
Kudret (Fanulously Fit)
Laura (Lola Runs)
Lesley (Farmgirly)
Linda M (Operation stick to it)
Lisa G (Melting lisa)
Lizzy (A journey of a thousand miles…)
Marisa G (Trim the fat)
Mary M (Mary's biggest loser journey)
Michelle H (Dieting battle)
Michelle H (Skinny under my fat)
Monica D (Just keep swimming)
Nancy H (The best me I can be)
Natalie L (A new natalie)
Natster (Getting to goal)
Nicole B (Life is sweet)
R Doohan (I can do it, I will do it!)
Rachel M (Just do it)
Rebecca L (Fat fitness food)
Robyn (New every day)
Roxy (elle-lame-o)
Sandy H (A working mom's joy)
Sarah M (2009 is my year)
Sarah P (Back in step)
Shari (Shari's losing)
Sherry J (Urban diva on diet and fitness)
Shirley (Helping myself)
Sue W (Shrinking sue)
Suzanne (Spunkisuzi)
Tanya (Far more than just a chunky monkey)
TJ B (TJ's weigh or the highway)
Tracy A (Tracey's journey to health)
Zak (Aspirant trophy wife)

So far we've been seeing some pretty impressive results from all of you!!!! And for those of you who were a little disappointed or got a late start on things, you've got another week to get in the groove and get loosin'!!

Let the games begin!!!

~Angie All The Way


Vanessa said...

Hells Yeah!

Off to exercise so as to kick some Team Angie ass ;)

Losing Myself said...

Here's a big WOOO HOOO. And if you think you'll be kickin' the A-Team's butt.....well you better just think again!!

Team Lynn drools!

Marisa said...

Yeah, Everybody!!! Let's DO THIS THING!!!!

kadee29 said...

Hell Yeah I'm ready!!!! Did 8.8km on the treadmill today. Kickin' ass and takin' names!!!!!!!

Terra Kent said...

good luck to everyone

choosinglosing said...

Ya'll are going DOWN!

ben's mom on a diet said...

Down 4.8 lbs today! Go Team Lynn!

Ashley said...

sorry for bringing team lynn down
i just gained 4 lbs.
how is that possible
i worked out 4 times last week./
what am i doing wrong.
i'm on the brink ofjust stopping eating all together.

Bee said...

I sent in my 6.2 lbs down for Team Angie today. Hell yeah! Game on!

Nancy said...


hehehe :)

aworkingmomsjoy said...

Can I have a Woot Woot!!!

Down 4 lbs!


samiam4eva06 said...

So I think Team Lynn rules :) Just though I'd throw it out htere! lol

Kimberly said...

I'm down 5.8 pounds, helped by moving from a downstairs apartment to an upstairs apartment. I am so stoked to see a loss that big, especially after indulging for the 2 weeks prior.

Lady Downsize! said...

Is it too late to join the challenge? I've weighed in Monday by coincidence, but just found this blog today.