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Monday, March 2, 2009

Team Lean - Week 7 Results

As a team we have lost 33.2 lbs this week, for 0.19% of our total body weight! Since the challenge started we have lost an amazing 465.6 lbs!!!! OMG that's 3 people! Wow!! I really want to thank everyone that is sticking with the challenge and giving it their all, those numbers are so awesome!

For this weeks' results...

Our Biggest Loser of the Week is Valorie - The Skinny Pregnant Girl, who lost 4.2 lbs for a total percentage of 2.91 this week!

In second place we have Krista P - Krista's Kraziness, who was down 5.3 lbs for a total percentage of 2.88!

And in third place is Heather - Heather's A Loser, who lost 4 lbs, which is a total percentage of 2.42!

As usual all our numbers are posted in the spreadsheet, just click to enlarge.

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Hotch Potchery said...

I sent my weigh-in last week, and I forwarded it again a few minutes ago.