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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Team Lean - Sincere Apology

Well, I'm turning out to be a pretty bad team leader. If I had of known how busy my life was going to be between personal issues and work, I don't think I would've made this committement to all you. I take pride in doing my very best and lately, keeping up with this competition has been really hard for me. I'm so sorry for not always being able to post results right away; I really appreciate your patience.

So, on to the most important part: our weekly results!

As a team this week we've lost 23 lbs which is 0.13% of our total body weight. Since the challenge started, we've lost 566.1 lbs, for 3.3% of our total body weight!!!

Our Biggest Loser of the Week is Kirby - Good Gals Inc., who lost 3 lbs, which is 1.89% total body weight!

In second place is Jennifer - Living Life & Achieving Weightloss Naturally, who was down 3.8 lbs, which is 1.71%!

And last but certainly not least is Cinemaire - Cinemarie English, who was down 2.2 lbs, for 1.45%!

The rest of our stats are below in the spreadsheet.