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Sunday, April 26, 2009

A-Team's Roundin' the Finish! Week 15!

We are roundin' the finish you guys and there is now just ONE week left in our challenge! Just one more week!!! After this last week we'll announce our winner and we've got all sorts of fun things lined up! I'm so excited! WOOOT!

But we will save that for next week! This week we had some pretty impressive results! The A-Team's first place loser this week was Bre who lost 2.72% of her total body percentage!! WOOOT!

Our second place loser this week was only behind Bre by a teeny tiny bit. Marisa lost a whoppin' 2.71%!

And our third place loser this week lost 1.83% of her body percentage! Way to go Lisa!!!

Having lost quite a few challengers, our team's stats as a whole has changed a bit. Our team has lost 454.7 lbs! If you all pledge your pounds lost in the Pounds for Pounds Challenge after next week (don't worry, I'll remind you again!), that's literally 455 lbs of food that will be delivered to help feed the hungry in America! So one more week everyone!

I hope you all give it your all this week and sprint to the finish! And for those of you who missed your WI this week please weigh in next week and finish it up! BRING IT HOME A-TEAM!!!!!

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