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Friday, September 26, 2008

It's Friday Folks!

Yes my lovely kick ass group of elite weight loss challengers, it's Friday. I don't know about you, but it's the hardest part of the week for me. I just wanted to poke in here and remind myself you all to stick to your guns this weekend and follow your plan. I know it's tough, but nothing in this world worth doing is easy. The easy way out got us in the position to have to join this challenge.

Another thing I wanted to mention is that stuff you already know, but wanted to remind you in case you hadn't thought of doing it. In addition to taking a picture, is to take your measurements. We want to think of this 3 month period as a special "give it your all" experience that we want to measure in every possible way: the scale, a picture and the measuring tape! It will show in many different ways in our very diverse group of challengers we have here, so I hope you do it just to have the comparison.

Oh and also don't forget to email me your WI's for this week. I haven't received WI results from some of you Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs WI folks, so please send them to me at your first opportunity, so I'm not bombarded with numbers on Sunday when I'm getting everything ready to post.

I've already gotten some pretty awesome results from some of you and I'm super proud of yas. For those of you who aren't satisfied with your result this week, make sure you recognize the difference between not giving it 100% and the fact that it wasn't a "full week" for many of us who weighed in early in the week. If that's the case, you'll rock next week!

Keep up ass kickin and the pats on the back, I know a few of you have been doing a great job at being honest with yourself as well as us and that is KEY.


Just_Kelly said...

Do you want us to email you our weigh in?


Jen said...

Thanks for the reminder of the weekend!!! Good point that THIS is the day that it gets tough (and especially because I have "girls night" tonight, I need to remember that - AND because it's been a crazy stressful week!!)

Expect my email on Sunday morning (cause that's when I weigh in!)

spunkysuzi said...

I'll send you my weigh in sunday morning!!

thenewsarahsundae said...

Oh I have a lovely picture taken on our trip to the Cape that I'm going to use as my before picture. I wish i could drop the weight I need quickly but it just comes off very slow for me.

Lori said...

Have a great weekend!

Taking It One Step At A Time said...

Hi Angie,
wondering if maybe you can do a post that explains the abbreviations that people use, like NSV (non scale victory). I'm sure there are a few bloggers that haven't seen those things before.
Just a thought