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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Week 4 Results

Our Week 4 Chart Toppers are:
Jennifer with -2.55%
Fiona with -1.89%
Krista with -1.63%

Our overall leaders are:
Michelle with -4.27%
Tiffany with -3.88%
Alexia with -3.85%
Our leaders remain the same with Tiffany sliding by Alexia by a smidge! WOoohoooo!!!
Everyone should go and congratulate their awesome kick ass success!!
On another note, there are alot of blanks up there and I am really disappointed about it.


thenewsarahsundae said...

I just emailed you my weigh in. I'm late this week. Sorry about that. I am down a pound though.

Caroline said...

Hey Angie, my WI (Caroline's Commitment) of -0.8 was actually for week #4, not #3. It doesn't really matter, but just thought I would let you know! I WI on Mondays, but I think my WI from this past Monday (where I was down 0.8) would count on Week #4. Thanks!

Tanya said...

Wow. That is disappointing. Looks like half the people have fallen off this week.

Krista said...

Bummer about all the blanks.

Although I'm very excited that I made the top 3 this week :)

Fab Kate said...

Shoot, I should have checked in ... I'm down 8 lbs this week! I've hit below 300 for the first time in over a decade! From the 7th until yesterday I'd lost a whopping 13 lbs... and from the 14th until yesterday I was down a little over 8 lbs. I look forward to busting the charts this Wednesday with a double digit loss in my Wednesday Weekly Weigh in!

Cat_82 said...

I forgot to send you my was 254.8.

Alexia @ The One Last Thing said...

I'm shocked I'm still on the board! Good thing is I already lost my gain. I'm eatin' healthy and exercising on the road (well, plane), so hope to have good news on my return!

Lisa aka water_nymph said...

oh man, i'm sooo sorry! i went away for the weekend and completely forgot!!

if you want to put me down for +1lb for week 4 that would be great:) If not, i understand...I'll email you this friday with the new weigh in, which WILL be a loss!!

sorry honey!

April Elizabeth said...

hey this is so awesome!!!! Do you allow late comers? Also a big congrats out to the losers!!! You should all be proud of yourself!

- April

Katly said...

Hello Ladies, I am very inspired right now because I saw what great progress you are all making. I have just this week started back at the Gym after a long tedious recovery from surgery and was a little frightened to go back but now that I have I am feeling my confience coming back. If you want to track my progress stay tuned to my blog PS Angie this is truly a fantastic thing you are doing. Once question, how do you make the spreadsheet a jpg hyperlink? I have been doing things like this for a while and could never get this enlarged effect once you click on it. Therefore the image is small as it is on your blog.

disa said...