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Monday, October 13, 2008

Week 3 Results!

Our Week 3 Chart Toppers are:

Karen with 1.68 % lost this week
Suzanne with 1.59% lost this week
Sarah M with 1.45% lost this week

And our challenge leaders so far are:
Michelle with 4.71 % lost so far
Alexia with 4.22 lost so far
Tiffany with 3.88 % lost so far

WAY TO GO YOU GUYS!!!!!! Everyone should take it upon themselves to visit these guys and congratulate them! :-)


Alexia @ The One Last Thing said...

Guess I'd better lay off these peppermint patties! ;-)

Michelle, look out, I'm on your rapidly disappearing tail!

Sarah said...

Angie...I think you have me mixed up again, I think we have to many Sarah's. I was down the 1.45% but you have me as a non blogger. YOu can change my name to Sarah M...B was my maiden name.

Thanks again...and congrats everyone!!!

Caroline said...

Yay, I have a loss to report! I went and weighed in tonight and I was down 0.8 which I am very happy with considering I was afraid I would have a gain. So here I go!

Randi said...

NICE WORK LADIES! But look out, I'm coming for all y'all this week. ;)

FatMom said... chart! Nice job, Angie!

Jenks said...

This is an awesome blog. Is it to late to join? If not I'd love to be a part of it.