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Friday, October 10, 2008

Weekly Goal Accountability Time!

So many of you piped up with some great goals you wanted to acheive this week. Now that the week is nearing a close, I wanted to to a re-cap of what you had said you wanted and how you did!

So Mel, how's the running on the treadmill going so far this week? I was hoping to see some Nike+ running results on there - what gives? (although damn I love shrimp and scollop creole, and I'm trying that recipe - thanks!)

Jen has just left for Vegas and vows to eat properly during her stay. Her rules were to allow one "treat" meal per day and only one. Other plans include doing lots of walking (and boy will you ever - Vegas is an awesome place to do LOTS of walking) and to acheive a stay the same result for next WI. Good luck Jen!

Gen told us that she was cutting out diet pop who was already 4 days into it (yay Gen!) and to get 4 good days of workouts, to drink more than her 8 glasses of water and the super tough goal of not eating after 7 p.m. By the looks of things, she's totally killing the diet pop goal! Great job Gen!!!

Kimberly was going to be away in Atlanta for work this week living out of a hotel and having to rely on eating out at every meal (oh boi) and having to work longer hours. So she was going to do cardio at least 4 times, lift at least once and make healthy choices during her dining out. Okay Kim, I've got special "skinny thoughts" going to you in particular! And I must say it's looking like she's doing a mighty fine job deflecting most of the temptations firing at her every day!

Suzi promised that she was going to count her points honestly this week, go for walks at least 4 times and was going to try yoga twice! This girl seems to be on a roll! In addition to these goals, she mentions in her blog about upping the water ante too! Way to go Suzi!!

Karen told us that she was going to refrain from eating out which also included no convenience foods. She also wanted to not only plan the meals, but follow the plan and not let being tired or feeling like the kids were "starving" as an excuse to not follow the plan. (You'll all find out on WI result day, but Karen lost 4 lbs this week! Yay!!!!)

Krissie planned to take her lunch with her every day this week (and actually eat it) lol That girl makes me smile on a daily basis, which is why you should all go and give her a *hug* cause it sounds like she's having a down week.

Christy wanted to ensure that she exercised at least 4 days this week to step it up! Tell us girl, how'd it go??

Katie's plan was to workout 5 times (each day left before her WI) and to stick to 24 points per day. She even said that next week's goal is not to munch away her flex points too early! It looks like she's hasn't quite gotten in her 5 (very ambitious) workouts, but STILL this girl's on fire!!!

Alexia wanted to set a new challenge like the one she did with the lazy man's triathlon. She found that it helped keep her on track. So, she's decided that by the end of this challenge she wants to be able to run 5K and in order to be able to do that, she needs to start run/walking intervals this week along with 1 hour east of exercise. I just checked in on her to see how she was doing and couldn't help but read this post about social support/pressure and how much more success it has been proven that people have! So how did you do with the run/walking??? *finger wagging*

Jen wanted to ensure that she exercised on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. And although she didn't blog much this week, her competative side is coming out having just missed the chart toppers list last week by a smidge and I'm hoping to see her name up there this week! So how did that exercise go this week??

Mickie wanted to crack down on late night snacking and just plain say "no" and up the water intake..oh and knock at least 5 workouts this week! She hasn't blogged since and it sounds like she's also having a tough time, so I hope you'll all go and see how she's doing.

Kelly wanted to eat clean this week. Sounds like a simple goal, but one of the hardest I'd say. She hasn't said much about the eating clean part, but she's still getting out there and running even though her running partner is not MIA. WTG Kelly, THAT's awesome! So how about the eating clean?

Leigh Anne wanted to focus on weight training this week and getting something in every day. How did that go this week? Although I loved her post this week where she gave herself the pat on the back for her loss, but then wasn't satisfied with it and didn't allow herself to settle for slack efforts. So how about that weight training??

Roxy said she wanted to cut back on drinking her points in the form of juice and chocolate milk. Now I know Roxy and that would be a big goal for her! So tell us how that went girl!

Sarah wanted to spend more time working out this week and felt that her being "busy" has caused her to slack. She also wanted to comment more on your blogs. She's admitted to not exercising this week and there was also mention of cakes and cookies. However, she is going away this weekend where there is lots of opportunity for exercise, so I hope you come back a sore woman (in a good way). Blog commenting is a great goal - there is never enough time to keep up it seems!

Carrie's goal was to go to the gym during the day when she is home and to take her daughter to day care at the gym for the first time which is a bit scarry I would imagine, but wanted to conquer that fear because she knew that it would make her be able to go more often. Now I didn't see any posts following up on this goal specifically, but she's participating in a marathon relay tomorrow! Go Carrie! Good luck!!

Lisa wanted to stay 100% OP this week - all week - no exceptions and to get in 30 mins of exercise 6/7 days! Wow! How'd she do, you ask? Well she lost 3 friggin pounds, that's what!!! GREAT JOB LISA!!!!


countryjacket said...

Well, the week is nearly over. I'll be leaving the office in about two hours. I have managed to avoid most of the temptations that were thrown my way.

However, I did allow myself an indulgence or two -- but in very small portions.

When eating out, I've opted for salads with low-fat dressing on the side, veggie fajitas minus the tortillas, and lots of lean protein meals.

I have worked out not 4 times...but 5 this week.

Hopefully, the scale will reflect that.

Randi said...

This is an awesome post. Whatever I decide my goal is next week, I wanna be on this list for it at the end receiving my great job Randi from you!

Great goals ladies, just moving solidly towards these things is the right move!

Lisa aka water_nymph said...

i've started writing my weekly non scale goals on my blog to "remind me" what the heck they were lol!!
thanks for the shout out honey! i appreciate it!!


spunkysuzi said...

What a nice post to see how everyone's doing :) Way to go to all of us!!

kadee29 said...

I just blew the no eating out thing. I got chinese tonight because I was starving...spent most of the day in town with my mom and only had some watermelon to get me through. So I caved. Yuck! However I am not going to use this as an excuse to eat whatever I want for the rest of the day and I hope to get on the treadmill (walk #2 for the day) to try and fix some of the damage! Positive thinking!!!!

Katie said...

Well, I had the worst week yet this past week. BUT I am not off the hook - my goal will be following me into this week and I'll be uping the stakes. Screw copping out, I'm not letting myself get away with bad behavior. I'll be working out at a high intensity for the 6 days left in my Week #4, I'll also be OP (24 max) every single day. I'm hoping for a super HUGE loss. Just watch me! ;)

Mel @ A Box of Chocolates said...

Thanks, Angie for checking in! I'd love to say I got lots of runs in, but the truth was I spent Mon-Wed sick as a dog and the only running I did was back and forth to the bathroom. Definitely a good excuse, but bummed that I didn't meet my goal. I think I'm better now though so I will be getting right on that Nike +. The Creole recipe is awesome though so you gotta try it!!

Roxy said...

Great post ang. I really tried and did well with substituting juice and c'milk for herbal tea. However, i did drink a lot of diet pop. :(

Alexia @ The One Last Thing said...

In spite of any number of crises this week, ending with puking virus -- situations that would have made me throw in the towel before -- I have turned to exercise even more! I'm up to running about a 1/2 mile in intervals now. LOVING it. Thanks for the finger wag!

Critter said...

I did it!!! I exercised 4 times this week and still had a loss even though I made some less than great food choices:)

Alexia @ The One Last Thing said...

NEWSFLASH: Alexia, the former non-runner, is now up to a mile of jogging (intervals, but a mile nonetheless!) And I didn't have to push myself to the limit, so I bet I can do 1.5 miles next time!

Doing the Buddy Walk for Down Syndrome tomorrow with family and friends.

Hydro said...

You're really keeping on them! That's what we all need!

Leigh Anne said...

I did good with the strength training. Every day but one and I am thrilled with that!