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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Three Strikes You're Out

There are a few challengers who have never reported a WI:

Angel (get in shape girl)
Caroline (caroline's commitment)
Jyllian (non-blogger)
Sara (The Chronicles of the new Sara)

I hate to play bad cop, but if I don't hear from you soon, I gotta nix ya from the list! Blank spaces don't belong on the chart!


Fab Kate said...

OK... I've been crazy busy online and haven't checked in. I'll have to go back and see what weight I actually started at. I've been blogging daily, but not hitting the challenge blogs. I even closed my OWN challenge because I just haven't been online long enough to do it justice.

I was sick last week, puffed up with lymph fluid, so my weight has fluctuated about 10+ lbs up and down.

Right now I'm sitting around 306, after being 304 on friday, and up to 312.6 in the middle of the week.

Doing a challenge stinks when I can't tell how much fat I'm losing because of all the inflammation!

I'm doing my exercise time, up until my knee injury on Friday, and will now be working out on an adjusted schedule (no aerobics... the class is a lot of squats and lunges, not something I can do when walking is difficult!) and will primarily be doing my aerobic work in the pool where there is no strain to my knee, and I'll be doing stretch and tone for the classes that don't use the step for warm ups and for some of the toning exercises.

I've also acquired a cardioglide and a new resistance band for my home, which are placed in front of the TV, making TV time workout time. I hate the cardioglide, and would much rather have a bike and a treadmill, but it was free, and you can't beat that!

Caroline said...

Don't delete me! I had every intention of weighing in on Monday, but then had to stay at work late. Even though I won't be able to weigh in tomorrow night at my regular meeting, I've found a meeting close to my work that I can weigh in at tomorrow. I'll report me weigh in for next week, promise!

Biggest Loser Blog Edition said...

Kate: Holy girl! Yeah that does make it pretty tough to know how you're doing! I wish you the best and want you to stick with the challenge, so you have to touch base. Whatever the reason, we all need to WI every week regardless of the what the week had in store. I'm going to use 306 as your current weight for your WI, cool?

Caroline: Glad you found a new meeing and I'll input your results when you email them, although it likely won't be in time for the posting of the results tonight. It will be there next week.