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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Week 8 Results - The Still Standing Edition

Hey there challengers!
This results post might kind of jump out at you a little bit because I think that it's time to shorten our list. There appears to be wayyy too many blank spaces up there and I think the sight of that is taking away from all the awesome WI results that ARE there and for all of you who are reporting and trucking along regardless of what your WI results are - THAT is dedication, persistence and determination! So I have highlighted in orange those people who have not reported a WI in the last 3 weeks or more in a row and I want you to be aware that I think I'm going to shorten our list and remove those people who no longer wish to be a part of our challenge. What do you think? We are all here to work hard and to take this challenge seriously, are we not? I'm not even trying to be all "tough love" on you either, I just think that those who no longer want to be included shouldn't be.
So if you see your name up there highlighted in orange and still wish to be remain in our challenge, please let me know and please be ready to represent and kick some butt!
Sooooooo, without further ado, our Week 8 Chart Toppers are:
1. Kelly with 1.59% GONE!
2. Angie with 1.26% GONE!
3. Suzi with 1.17% GONE!
and our CHALLENGE leaders are:

Our Challenge Leaders remain:
1. Michelle with 6.85% GONE!
2. Alexia with 5.18% GONE!
3. Tiffany with 4.12% GONE! (Amy you are so close to taking 3rd!)
Damn you guys kick ass!

Keep your eye on the prize my friends! There WILL be a prize ;-)


Alexia @ The One Last Thing said...

We are kicking some major butt! Yea, us!

Tanya said...

I totally agree. It's time to get rid of the girls who are not participating... as a bonus that will shorten my reading list and leave me more time to exercise!

Jen said...

WOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!! These girls are doing excellent!!!!

And to those who HAVEN'T weighed in...sorry ladies...there have been quite a few that are still here that have gained and just fessed me, it's a lot easier to face when you get it out there!!!!

Paige'smom said...

Ang... can I come back.

I know.. I broke all the rules.. gained my weight back. And basically tanked.

But I am back. My winter coat is too tight in the arms.. and I promise the next 6 weeks to you.


If not.. then I will just do on my own.

Thank you!

Angie All The Way said...

paige's mom: Yes of COURSE you can come back! That's what this wake up call is about. It's the "still standing" edition :-) Those who are in orange can still participate, but BUTT IN GEAR is mandatory. Jen is right, there have been many people (including myself) that have experienced gains, but have also fessed up to the group, so that's really important.

Whoever does not pipe up and protest being removed from the challenge will be deleted, no questions or tough love, just removed from the competition that they no longer want to be in, but if you still want to participate, we need you back in the game for all our of sakes :-)

Critter said...

I'm with Paige's mom please don't give up on me now. I need this now more than ever. I promise to catch up on all of my blog reading/commenting and to weigh in this week.

Kari said...

I agree that if by Sunday you haven't heard from the ones in orange, or don't recieve a weigh in from them that they should be removed. Speaking for myself, I may not be a chart topper or a challenge leader but I still haven't given up - I continue to weigh in and report EVEN when it was a gain. I may not walk away hitting my goal I set out for this challenge but I will be walking away a lighter person and that counts for something!!! 6 weeks - 6 WEEKS...imagine what more we can accomplish with 6 weeks!!!

Biggest Loser Blog Edition said...

critter: no one is giving up on you or anyone else who still wants to kick butt!

kari: you rock girl ;-)