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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Week 9 - The You Kick Ass Edition

Damn you guys rock! We had some amazing results this week and wouldn't ya know it we have got ourselves a competition on our hands! Wooohooooo! Lesley comes out of no where, takes first place for the week and then steals third place overall! And Jen comes in and takes second place for the week! Alexia and Michelle have been doing a great job of staying in the top two, but ladies we've got some competition on our hands! Woohooo!

Our chart toppers for this week are:

1. Lesley with a 2.24% loss!
2. Alexia with a 2.17% loss!
3. Jen with a 1.96% loss!

And our challenge leaders are:

1. Michelle with 7.73% GONE! Forever, see ya!
2. Alexia with 7.24% GONE! Adios amigos!
3. Lesley with 5.61% GONE! Au revoir, bon voyage!

Congrats ladies!!! You totally kick ass!


Sarah said...

I forgot to send in my info, I gained 1.5 lb this week (last week was -0).


Alexia @ The One Last Thing said...

Wow, competition is right! Holy smokes! Way to go, everyone!

Mel @ A Box of Chocolates said...

Awesome job to all you losers! You rock. Now to everybody who didn't can do it. Get moving!

biz319 said...


I am so hoping Vicky from Biggest Loser show goes home tonight!