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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Week 10 - The "look out she's on your tail" Edition

This week's chart toppers are:
1. Angie with 2.08% lost this week!
2. Melissa with 1.94% lost this week!
3. Lesley with 0.94% lost this week!
And our challenge leaders remain:

1. Michelle with 8.25% GONE! Forever, see ya!
2. Alexia with 6.54% GONE! Adios amigos!
3. Lesley with 6.50% GONE! Au revoir, bon voyage!
Uh oh, Alexia, you better watch out girly because Lesley is on your tail!
Way to go guys!
There are 4 weigh-ins left in this challenge and that's still some time for some serious poundage to say b'bye to before the new year!


Alexia @ The One Last Thing said...

Uh-oh! Time to get my butt back in gear!!!

Good job everyone!!! Woo!

Krista said...

Hey Angie...I thought I had emailed you but I guess I didn't. I was down 2 pounds this week bringing me to 178 :)