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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Week 11 Results - the "challenger list is dwindling" edition

And then there were 45! Wow are list of challengers still standing is dwindling! The rule is 3 strikes in a row and you're out, but I carry it out to the next week in case you were late getting your WI to me that third week. So there are still a few challengers here who will be eliminated next week if I don't hear from them.
So aside from that we have alot of kickass-ness goin on here! I'm so proud of you guys!!! Some of you are seriously kicking ass and taking names!
Our chart toppers this week are:
1. Renata (non-blogger) with 2.84% lost this week!
2. Kimberly with 2.04% lost this week!!
3. Tanya with 1.47% lost this week!
Great results you guys!!! Keep up the great work.
And our challenge leaders remain, with Lesley stealing second:
1. Michelle with 9.43% GONE! Forever, see ya!
2. Lesley with 7.52% GONE! Au revoir, bon voyage!
3. Alexia with 7.24% GONE! Adios amigos!
HOLY you guys!!!! I'm soooo proud of youuuuu!!!


Leigh Anne said...

Hey Angie,
I actually lost 1.2 this week :)

Leigh Anne

kadee29 said...

I think Michelle is just going kick all our asses all over the place.
Doesn't mean I've given up though. I've just had to readjust my goals somewhat. I will reach the ten pounds lost point by the end of this challenge.
Congratulations to everyone who has stuck with this. We should all be very proud of ourselves and each other.
3 more WI's. Woohoo!

Laura said...

Great job everyone. I actually forgot to weigh in yesterday - too busy preparing for a run in gale force winds. STS but I am ok with that.

The Scale Whisperer said...

Congratulations everyone!

Biggest Loser Blog Edition said...

Yup we got our work cut out for us ladies if we wanna nip at her heels! Let's give it a try shall we!