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Sunday, January 18, 2009

First Week Results - Team Lynn

Good Evening Team Lynn/Lynn's Loser/Team Lean -we'll get that figured out soon I promise! :) Tonight is the night we've all been waiting for, the results our First Week's Weigh In!

I'm proud to announce as a team we have lost 1.16% of our total body weight, or an incredible 202.2 lbs!!!! WOW, you should be so happy with yourselves!!

In terms of numbers, please help me congratulate Gail - Doodles of Life for winning the title of Biggest Loser of the Week for Team Lynn! She has lost an astonishing 5.14% of her total body weight (9lbs!) What an inspiration you are Gail!!

In second place, we have Julie - 100001 Times a Charm - who lost a whopping 10.8 lbs, for 3.73% of her total body weight.

And third place goes to Danee - Looking The Way I Feel - who lost 8.8lbs, for 3.49% of her total body weight!!

All challengers WI's are posted below, just click on the picture to enlarge the chart in your browser.

As mentioned before, I'm SOO proud of all the hard work and dedication that EVERYONE in this challenge is showing. Together we are DOING THIS and its such an amazing feeling :)

Like Angie, I had a few no shows tonight including - Carolee, Rosie, Bella, Karen L and Caroline M. (If for some reason I missed your email, please let me know.)

So there we have it. Let's KICK IT UP A NOTCH this week by get out of our comfort zones and pushing ourselves a bit harder!!!



Shari said...

Congrats to Gail and to Team Lynn!! Isn't it amazing -- 202.2 lbs gone?

Shari -- A-Team

Lex said...

GREAT JOB TEAM LYNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And Lynn, thanks for taking the time to gather our results and post them!

Everyone did such a great job!!!

~~gail~~mooselovingmamabear said...

Okay girlies... don't get too excited for me...if you hop, skip, enter, over to my blog, you'll find out why the big loss. This week "won't" be a repeat... LOL I'm hitting the gym tomorrow night after work for bit... anyone else up to an hour or so of exercise?

Vanessa said...
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Between Fat and Fit said...

Wow great job Team Lynn!!!!

That is so impressive, keep up the fantastic work!

Krista said...

Definitely will be kicking it up a notch.

Who else is with me????


the new sarah sundae said...


I seriously need to drop some weight this week. You all are kicking my arse. lol