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Sunday, January 18, 2009

A-Team “Week 1” Results!!!

Well everyone, the time is here to reveal the results of our first official WI! I cannot express how impressed I am for all of you! The A-Team has had some phenomenal results to say the least. Now I know that Lynn's team has also had some amazing results, so this is going to be interesting!!!

Our team as a whole has lost 1.29% of our body percentage. That means that by adding all of our start weights, and all of our total team pounds lost, we lost 1.29% of our team! Our team lost 226.8 friggin pounds since we started!!!!!

Our top three Team Week Leaders this week are:

1. Shari with 4.32% lost! The A-Team Biggest Loser so far!

2. Me! (woot! :-D) with 3.76% lost!

3. TJ with 3.44% body lost! GONE FINITO!

And here is the results of our team in alphabetical order (click to enlarge in your window)!:

As you can see our team as a WHOLE has done amazingly well! I'm so pleased!!! Although I am quite dissapointed with the blank spaces. I haven't heard from: Amanda, Ashleigh, Elizabeth G, Jennifer R, Jennifer C-S, Julie W, Kari, Kristy, Lizzy, Rachel M. :-( If I am mistaken, please let me know!

Otherwise though, our team did awesome! I'm so proud of you guys and proud of your team spirit!

GO A-TEAM!!!! Bring it on Team Lynn!!


Heidi said...

I don't see myself still. :( I'll have to take a hint here soon.

Natalie said...

YIPPY!!! GO A-TEAM! Awesome job every one!

Angie said...

Wow A-Team - we're awesome :-)
Congrats let's just keep it up!

Angie -- thanks again -- seeing the charts shows all the time and effort you put in -- it's sooo appreciated!

MeltingLisa said...

Wow wow wow!!

You are all so awesome!!! Yay us!!!

Kiki said...

WOW! WE did awesome! I just shared the results with me family (although I don't dare let my kiddos know how much I weigh). They are all impressed with our team loss.

Go A-Team!

Angie, a HUGE thanks for all you're doing! It is so much work and it's motivating a large community to get in shape. THANKS!

Losing Myself said...


Can't believe the no. of pounds lost! WOW WOW WOW

Congrats to all who lost. Here's to next week. LETS KICKS SOME POUNDS!!!!

Jules said...

I had work related travel today...I just got my numbers to you.

Excellent work by everyone!

Urban Diva said...

This is great, I'm excited about everyone's progress, keep up the good work everyone!

Angie All The Way said...

You guys should be SOOOO proud of yourselves!!!! It makes all of the time involved worth it for me! :-)

Heidi: You are over on Lynn's team's post and I see that you did an excellent job too!

Heidi said...

Holy cow. So I am! Wow, I guess that just shows how many people we have this time around! Thanks Angie!

Amie said...

Good job, everyone! Let's kick even more butt this week!!!

Linda said...

Awesome job girls!!!!!!

Kimberly said...

The A-Team is looking good!

Congratulations everyone on a week well done.

Onward and downward y'all.

disa said...

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