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Friday, January 30, 2009

A-Team’s Week 1 & 2 Biggest Loser Interviews

Hey Everyone!  I am pleased to provide you all with the first of a special weekly post which Lynn and I will do for our respective teams which is an interview with our teams’ weekly Biggest Loser!  Since this is our first post, we will be posting our interview with Shari, the A-Team’s Week 1 Biggest Loser and also our interview with Natalie L, the A-Team’s Week 2 Biggest Loser.

Let me just say that there is a lot of helpful and inspiring information to be had right here in this post!  Take a read, leave a comment and visit these guys on their blogs!

A-Team’s Week 1 Biggest LoserShari

Weight loss To-Date:

20.3 (15.3 since starting BLBE)

Why BLBE?:

I thought it would be really fun and get to share my experience with others.  I also thought it would be a great motivator for me -- which is something I struggle with.  Since this challenge spans further than the point where I usually give up I'm hoping it pushes me over the hump!

Are you encouraging others around you to get healthy?

Yes, but it's hard.  I have some stubborn folks around me!   I have convinced a coworker to join the corporate fitness center with me.  My daughter is along for the ride but doesn't have much choice.  :)

What are your most important weight loss tools?

Scale, measuring cups, Points Tracker and friends/bloggers.

What will you do to celebrate once you reach your goal weight?

A day at the spa.  I'm already talking with the owner of the salon I go to.  We're going to work on a perfect package :)

Why did you chose to blog about weight loss?

It helps me stay accountable and seeing things in 'writing' helps me celebrate my successes and get past my failures.  Also, the feedback I get on the comments makes me smile to know others out there are celebrating my successes and telling me it's ok when I mess up.  Since I don't have a lot of support around me (well they do support me but they are small so they really can't relate with how hard it is) it helps to see all the other ladies who have struggled and gain inspiration from their successes.

What's the hardest part of losing weight?

For me, it's definitely staying motivated and sticking with it. I start off so well but it seems that about 2 months in, I give up.  I started my most current weight lost journey in Oct.  However I gave up once the holidays hit and gained much of the 12 pounds I lost.  So now I'm back at it since the New Year and hoping this challenge helps me make it past that 2 month mark.  Anyone reading this has the authority to kick my bottom if you see me slacking off! (Emphasis added by yours truly :-D)

Do you follow a specific weight loss plan?

I follow the WW plan but don't go to meetings.  I just do it on my own.  Once I get a good distance into my weight loss, I'm going go the counting calorie path.  I'm so familiar with WW so I didn't want to introduce too much at once.

Do you share you journey with the "real" world? (friends/family/co-workers)

They know I'm losing but they don't know specifics.  I would be horrified if they knew how much I weigh.  They know I'm part of 2 Biggest Loser competitions, but that's about it.

Share a former bad habit and what you replaced it with.

I've replaced not eating breakfast with eating a healthy bowl of oatmeal at the office.  I've been inspired by your yummy oatmeal and have come up with some pretty good combinations too!  I've also given up sugared sodas for diet soda or water.

AATW:  Awww thanks Shari! :-)  Thanks so much for taking the time out for us!

A-Team’s Week 2 Biggest Loser: Natalie L

Weight loss:

For BLBE - 10.2 lbs, and 30 lbs total.

Why BLBE?:

I love the support, and in reality, I'm really competitive. (Think Monica on Friends)

Share you favorite healthy snack:

Feta filled jalapenos. I love spicy food and they are only 25 calories each! 

AATW: OMG I just got those at Costco and they’re great!

Do you have an exercise routine? If so, what?

Mondays- Treadmill for 30 mins, and 15 on the rowing machine. Tuesdays- Thursday- Mixing it up with different workout DVD's like Turbo Jam or Fit to Strip

Fridays- 30 mins on the stairmaster, and laps in the pool.

I take the weekend off, and every day I try to do as many "girl" push ups as I can consecutively.

I also live on the 10th floor of an apartment building, so I take the stairs about 90 % of the time.

If you're a fan of the "Biggest Loser" show, Bob or Jillian? Why?

Jillian. I really think the tough love way of training is great. I know if she was my trainer, I would be giving it 100 % in order to avoid her wrath! teehee.

How to you handle going to restaurants/eating healthy?

I always check to see if the menu is online before hand, so that helps me plan well before hand. I also love soup, so I usually will get that as an appy , and then when I get the entree, I cut it in half. My friends are now used to be attacking chicken burgers with butter knives.

How do you balance life with weight loss?

Well, I go to school full time, so I find my self sitting at lot, whether it be in class or the library, so it is actually really nice to come home and stretch and then work out .

Do you follow a specific weight loss plan?

I am doing WW's at home.

Do you have any other related goals?:

At the end of this competition I want to be able to do 100 "girl" push ups consecutively. When I started I was able to do 30, and now , 60!

AATW:  Ummm, you = rockstar, me = wimp :-D

Are you encouraging others around you to get healthy?

Yes! My friend Corine has become my workout buddy for 3 days a week. I love having some one to push you, when needed! Also my best friend who has been loosing weight for about 7 months now , has lost more than 80 lbs!  Now that I'm getting healthy, we chat alot about  different work out ideas, foods ect. I have a lot of great support.

AATW:  Oh Wow! Please tell Corine, I said congratulations please!

Provide an example of a daily menu.

B- I love my breakfast "burger", Which is two pieces of WW toast, a poached egg, slices of tomato and a drop of light mayo and pepper,  and a mug of light hot chocolate, made with water. Yum...
L- Greek salad, or Soup.
D- Sashimi ( oh the perks of living by the coast!) and a small side of rice. ( I love carbs)
S- Grapes, or I like slices of red pepper with a low calorie dressing as a dip.

Share a former bad habit and what you replaced it with.

Grazing. Late at night, it was so easy to just stand in front of the fridge and pick at things , simply because I was bored. Now, when I'm bored I do little mini work outs with 5 lbs weights, and then go and read my text books in the bath. It helps my muscles relax and Its pretty hard to snack while sitting in a tub of water.

AATW: Thanks so much Nat for taking the time out for us and sharing your success so far with our challenge and providing us all with some inspiration to kick off the hardest part of the week for most = the weekend!

BLBE Challengers, show the love and leave a comment for our lovely A-Team Week 1 and 2 Winners!


CC said...

Congrats Shari and Natalie! You guys are doing a wonderful job! :) Loved reading more about you both!

(Shari... my kick is going to be a real hard one!!!)

All the best!
Lots of love and luck!

spunkysuzi said...

Wow you guys rock :)

Amie said...

You guys are doing great! Congrats on the weightloss so far! :)

♥ Dee ♥ said...

Love the enthusiasm!!

Shari said...

CC, I welcome a swift kick in the ass as we say here in Kentucky. :-)

thanks everyone! You all provide me such motivation and encouragement. You make things easier for sure!

Nicole said...

I am totally inspired by your workouts! Awesome job, I need to get my behind in gear!!