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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Week 2 Results!

Good Evening Everyone!

A bit of housekeeping first.....all challengers had a week to vote on a team name. As a result of the poll, our official name is "Team Lean"!!! LOVE it, sounds so strong and powerful!

Now on to the results of week 2 of our challenge. As a team we have lost 0.50% of our total body weight, or 86.1 lbs! Bringing our total pounds lost to 285.3.

Please give a round of applause to our Biggest Loser of the Week, Emily - Anything Is Possible, who lost 4.17% of her body weight, an amazing 14 lbs!! Such an awesome accomplishment, hope everyone stops by her blog to show some love.

In second place we have Hotch - The Hotch Potchery, who lost 3.27% of her body weight, which is 9lbs!!

Third place goes to Gertude - Evicting Gertrude, who was down 4 lbs, for a total of 2.27% of her body weight!

All challengers WI's are posted below, just click on the picture to enlarge the chart in your browser.
So last week I posted about kicking it up a notch and getting out of our comfort zones. I ask you all, did you follow through? Did you put the extra effort into measuring your foods, did you go above and beyond your usual exercise, even if it was only an extra 5 mins or 1 level higher? I can honestly say that I did. I ran 6K outside in the wind and over hills. It wasn't pleasant and I wanted to give up, BUT then I remembered how bad I wanted this. How bad do you want this?

I had several no shows tonight. In fact, this has been a disappointing week. When the going gets tough you pull through and face up to the scale, even if it shows a gain. This challenge is all about tough love.

Tough love is me asking akward questions like -

1. Why am I getting so many gains? Ang and I have gotten so many emails from people wishing they could join and be part of this challenge. Yet we have to turn them down b/c the challenge is full. We dedicate several hours a week to it and it seems like people aren't taking this seriously. It is your health, you ARE worth it, so give it your all!

2. Why aren't people reporting their weekly weights? Just a quick note with your current stats is all we ask.

So, my no shows for the week are: Hez (x2), Carolee (x2), Bella (x2) Kelly H, Gail P, Rebecca, Karen, Nat, Sandra, Sv, Valerie, Ashley B, Jen D and Mike. (Mistakes do get made so if you sent an email and I didn't get it please let me know!) Regardless, I do want to point out that that is 17.7% of my team NOT sending me their results.

On to next week, let's continue to do our best and push ourselves a little bit harder! I wish each and every one of you a healthy, happy week!



Okay A-Team here's our results for Week 2! Congratulations to Natalie (A New Natalie) for being the A-Team's leader this week! Woot woot Nat! She lost 3.4 lbs and 2.24% of her total body percentage!

Our second place leader this week is Heather (H-woman's Random Ramblings) who lost 4 lbs and 2.22% of her total body weight! Not far behind Nat at ALL!

And our third place leader this was is Kimberly (The Woman Inside Me) having lost a 6.2 friggin lounds and a hair behind Natalie and Heather with 2.18% of her total body weight gone FOREVA!

Here's our roster and the results for everyone:

Of those of us who reported our WI's, our entire team lost a total of 80.2 lbs this week and total team body percentage lost of 0.46%! We may have fallen a little short this week, but not by much! I hope you're all ready to give 'er this week and put the A-Team on top for next week!

Since the beginning, our team lost a total of 327.4 lbs and 1.84% of our team's body weight GONE! You GUYS that's like two entire people!! GOOO A-TEAM!!

Now, I just want to add to Lynn's disappointment of those of you who have not weighed-in. There are about 5 members of my team who have not reported since they signed up and I am just putting it out there to remind everyone of the "three strikes you're out rule" so if we do not hear from you for the next WI, we will be eliminating you from our teams because blank spaces have no place up there for our teams, am I right? Reporting a gain is not the end of the world, it just means that you are ready to move past it and try again with full force the next week! And to be perfectly honest, having you not afraid to report your gains and being honest about them is a necessary part of taking yourself and your weight loss seriously.

Lynn and I do put a lot of time and effort into keeping this organized and quite frankly, it has broken our hearts to have to turn some very enthusiastic challengers away, so as much as you owe it to yourself to lose this weight, you at least owe it to Lynn and I AND those who were turned away from this challenge to report your progress, right?

So, enough lecturing because the A-Team otherwise rocks the house and you are all such an awesome bunch and you all do such an awesome job supporting each other and that is such an important part!

Lynn and I have decided to add a new focus on the BLBE and that is that we're going to be emailing the Biggest Loser from each team each week with some interview questions that we will ask you to answer for us to do a weekly post on the blog. So Natalie and Emily will be our first official BLBE interview-ees this week! Don't be shy, it's your time to shine and share with the group what worked well for you this week :-)

-Angie All The Way


Shari said...

Congrats to the Big Losers this week! Great work!!!

~Tammy said...

Congrats to the losers this week.

I have a suggestion. Not sure if it's doable or not, but I'm throwing it out there.

Could it be arranged that we have a 3 strikes you're out rule, implemented right now? 3 weeks without reporting your WI numbers and you're out. Those that want to join and can't because we're full would get to join in then. A-Team gets one, Team Lynn gets one until the positions are filled. Just a thought!

Again, great job "losers"!


JER29ELEVEN said...

Point taken :P

Next Sat., regardless of how the entire week went, I will drag my butt to the WW meeting and face the scale. But I will be OK with this because my WI is going to rock da hizz-ouse (said the elementary school teacher! Yikes!) :)

I think I let the fact that I entered into a new level (from the 240s to the 230s) throw me...or else I just didn't stay as focused and committed as I know I need to be and this 230s scare is my scape goat? I'm trying to own every minute of this journey - the good, the bad, and the ugly - but sometimes when I'm trying to be as honest with myself as I possibly can, I still get fooled, because the truth, when it comes to oneself, is a tricky thing. It's not always willing to show you all the angles/sides/dark corners. Know what I mean?

Nicole said...

I just wanted to say a super big thank you to Angie and Lynn! You guys are awesome, and I know everyone appreciates all the work you are putting into this challenge! As someone who is just starting on my journey this challenge is great for me and is giving me the kick I need to start!

Thanks you guys rock! Go AAAATeam!!!

Lex said...

Excellent work everyone!

And to Angie & Lynn, thanks for putting in the extra time to run this!!!!

Angie All The Way said...

Shari = rockstar ;-)

Tammy: The "three strikes you're out rule" has always been in place. This post was just a reminder that this week will be the third week in a row for some of the challengers who signed up and they will be eliminated from the challenge.

We won't be allowing anyone else to join because it is not fair to everyone else. We are trying our best to provide a prize for the winner(s), and allowing people to join after it's begun isn't fair to everyone else who have been in it from the beginning.

Jer29Eleven: *laughs* it is easy to get a little bit "cocky" when we see great results and relax the rules a little. This has been one of the reasons I have had up-down-up-down results for what seems like an eternity now! Honestly about WI's is the only way to move on.

Nicole & Lex: *mwah* thanks you guys ;-)

Dale said...

post the names and email of the non-reporting - give us all a chance to give 'em hell...

Vanessa said...

Mine was definitely water retention from adding strength back into my workouts. It's gone already :)

Jen said...

Yay Team Lean!!! we won week 2!!!

A special shout out to both Lynn and Angie for all their hard work.