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Friday, February 27, 2009

A-Team Biggest Loser Interviews!

Hey Everyone!  I am behind in getting these posted!  I hope you’ll take the time to read these quick snapper interviews with our Biggest Losers of Week 4 and 5 for our team and maybe even visit their blog :-)

Congratulations Cadee and Natalie and thank you for taking the time for us!!


A-Team’s Week 4 Biggest Loser Cadee West !!

Weight loss To-Date

Well then end of the Competition. But If I dont get to my weight, I'll keep working out til I do. 


Well, I love The Biggest Loser. And when My sister told me about this. I knew this would be my chance to help me lose weight.

Share you favorite healthy snack.

Grapes, Definitely Grapes! 

Do you have an exercise routine?

Actually yes I do. Two or three days out of the week, I go to the track and run my mile. And five days out of the week, I do Turbo Jam. 

Do you remember "the moment" when your commitment to weight loss solidified?

It had to be at least the week before the competition. When my sister told me about this. My whole life I wanted to lose weight, BUT.. I never got the urge to get up and do something about it, until the day the BLBE started. 

When there's a long road ahead, how do you keep up your stamina and motivate yourself?

Well I tell myself that I've waited too long to start doing this, I can't stop now. 

Who is your biggest inspiration?

My biggest Inspiration is my sister. Ashley. Bot her and I were overweight when we were younger and during high school. But once she got out she began to slim down due to her exercising and healthy eating habits. And she inspired me to lose my weight as well. 

If you are a fan of The Biggest Loser, Bob or Jillian? Why?

All of them. They push you to do it. If you say, "It's too hard.' They say, Who gives a crap. Just do it! And That's exactly when I needed to hear.

How to you handle going to restaurants/ eating healthy?

Oh gosh, that is hard sometimes. But I try to find a healthy food. And When I eat my food, I eat until I know I'm full. Not finish the entire plate. 

What's the hardest part of losing weight?

Keeping it off. Because those pounds LOVE to creep back up on you. 

What's the easiest part of losing weight?

Doing the exercises. Which are quite fun! 

What will you do to celebrate once you reach your goal weight?

Buy some new clothes! I would love some new clothes and possibly some more workout clothes. 

Best weight loss advice you ever received?

That if you want to lose weight you can't sit there and say you will, and give a few puny sit ups. You need to give it your all. 

What are your reasons you are on this journey?

I'm tired of being over weight. I want to be healthy for the rest of my life. 

How do you balance life with weight loss?

Well if I don't have time to work out, I try to keep moving, while I'm dealing with life. Even just walking during the day or doing clothes help you burn calories. 

Have you established rewards for certain goals?

Actually, I haven't. But that right there is a great idea! 

Why did you chose to blog about weight loss?

Well, I would blog about my life. But that is quite boring. Haha. I think weight loss would be a bit more exciting. 

Do you share you journey with the "real" world? (friends/family/co-workers)

My family. My family knows about my Journey and are behind me every step of the way. 

Do you find it hard to stay focused during the holidays?

Oh gosh. Well yes sometimes. Especially during Thanks giving. You just can't let that food go to waste. Haha, but. That was then and this is now. =] 

Share some steps you've made to change your life.

Eating healthier, Definitely. If you change your eating habits, that well help you tons. Exercising much more. And not do it for only ten minutes. Do it for a hour maybe two!

Do you follow a specific weight loss plan?

I do turbo jam five times a week. And I run my mile about two times a week. 

Do you have any other related goals, ie: run a marathon?

I don't right now. 

How do you handle food pushers?

I just tell them no. 

Are you encouraging others around you to get healthy?

Yes actually. My mother has been wanting to lose weight so I've been encouraging her. And Ashley as well. She calls me her Jillian.

What are some of your "staple" food items?

Bread, rice, cereal, Pasta. 

Do you have a favorite workout DVD?

Turbo Jam!

What are your favourite 10 tracks on your Ipod playlist.

Oh gosh.
Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger - Daft Punk
Don't stop me now - Queen
Start me up - Rolling stones
Get over it - Ok Go
Gunpowder and Lead - Miranda Lambert
We will Rock you - Queen
Nintendo Remix - Tetris Happy Hardcore Techno
The Joker - Steve Miller Band
On The Radio - Regina Spektor
Ashes to Ashes - Damage Plan.

I love fast up beat songs that will keep me going.

What are your most important weight loss tools?

Water! Lots of Water!

Provide an example of a daily menu.

Well my cereal which is Frosted Mini Wheats, good source of Fiber . Lunch is a Turkey sandwich on white bread (=[ Which I had Wheat) with lettuce, pickles, tomatos and some mayo. Dinner is usually a small portion of pork, beef or chicken. With Brocolli or a salad and water.

Provide an example of one of your work outs.

Running on the track. If I can on the first lap I like to try and run the full lap. Before I run the straight aways and either walk/jog the corners.

Share a former bad habit and what you replaced it with.

Eatin when I was bored. So now when I'm bored I either work out or I find something to fill up my time with.

How long have you wanted to lose weight?

Since I was a freshman so it's been about five years now.

Do you/did you have any health-related issues due to being overweight?

It's sometimes hard for me to breath because of how much I weigh.


A-Team’s Week 5 Biggest Loser Natalie !!


Weight loss To-Date:

on BLBE 15.8 lbs , total 35.2 lbs


I'm crazy competitive!

When there's a long road ahead, how do you keep up your stamina and motivate yourself?

My competitive side won't let me stop! Also when I'm at the mall I always buy an extra pair of pants a size smaller. This has worked so far, When I started my Weigh loss journey I was a 32 in jeans, now a 28 and I have a pair of 27 inch pants staring me down in the washroom!

Who is your biggest inspiration?

Melinda, my best friend, she has lost over 80 lbs, and is competing in a 10 km race in April!

What's the hardest part of losing weight?

Exercising. I am not one of those peppy people that jumps out of bed and right in to there runner. 

What's the easiest part of losing weight?

The food part. I live alone, so my house is filled with only healthy things.

What will you do to celebrate once you reach your goal weight?

New bikini from Victoria Secret and one cheese burger. mmm.

What are your reasons you are on this journey?

Well, I know all the health reasons, but I'm only 22, so I hate to say it I'm doing it for vanity reasons.

Have you established rewards for certain goals?

No, I used to with new clothing , but now I just see that as a necessity,I went a while where I was mooning every one on the street with pants too big!

Do you share you journey with the "real" world? (friends/family/co-workers)

Yes! My goodness I could not imagine not blabbing about my journey. My dads cute though, and when ever I bring it up, he tells me I'm perfect and to not get an eating disorder. I then have to remind him that I love food still, just healthier kinds of food!

What are some of your "staple" food items?

sashimi, eggs, oatmeal, lean beef.

Do you have a favorite workout DVD?

Turbo Jam!

How long have you wanted to lose weight?

Is forever a good answer ? I have been a yo- yo dieter not by choice but in 2006 my mum was diagnosed with cancer, and I ate my emotions for 2 years. My mum passed away in March 2008, and I was finally able to focus on me, and the affects that emotional eating was having on me in October of 2008.

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