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Sunday, February 22, 2009

A-Team Week 6 Results!!

Are you guys as proud as I am???!!!!

This week alone we lost 40.3 lbs and 0.21% and our top contributor to that overall success is my buddy Marisa who is totally beating me on our race to 160 lbs! She lost 4 lbs this week and 2.41% of her total body!

Our second place leader this week was Lesley and only by a smidgen because she lost 3.4 lbs which was 2.40% of her total body! Holy girls what' a tight race!!

Our third place leader this week was Michelle who lost 5.2 lbs and 2.00% of her total body!

I'm so proud of you girls for totally representing our awesome team!

Okay A-Team get ready for this because we're kicking some ass!!! Our team so far has lost 444.9 POUNDS!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is equivalent to like 3 - 4 people!! It is 2.85% of our team's entire body percentage lost.


Natalie said...

Angie, I notice my numbers not in for this week- i lost 1.6 lbs for week 6.

Shari said...

Yikes my numbers aren't in either. I just realized I forgot to send you the email. I'll send that now. I'm sorry.....

karen said...

Somehow my numbers are wrong! I'm at 193.4 ... not 191.8 ... and because I weigh-in on Sundays now, doesn't the 3 pounds lost count for week 7 not week 6? I thought that the weeks started on Sunday or am I just really confused?

Cat_82 said...

I know I suck and didn't email you, but I was down 4.6 lbs on Friday.....I'm sorry, and I totally know you can't add it will be emailed RIGHT AWAY on Friday with my next fab loss!