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Sunday, February 15, 2009

A-Team Week 5 Results!

Hey ya'll A-Teamers! Our results are up for our 5th week on the challenge! I am happy to report that our biggest loser of the week this time around is Natalie who is seriously doing amazing! She has lost a total of 14.2 lbs which at her itty bitty size is a total percentage of 9.13%! Not only is she our leader this week, but she is our leader overall! This week alone she dropped 3.2 lbs and 2.21% of her body weight! WTG Nat!!!

Our second place leader this week was CJ who lost 4 lbs this week and 1.91% of her body weight (14.6 lbs and 6.64% total!) Wow CJ, you are a front runner on our team too!

And our third place leader this week TJ who's also blowing everyone away with having lost 3 lbs and 1.49% of her body weight this week (16.6 lbs and 7.72% total!) And GUESS WHAT! She broke through to onederland this week too!

Congratulations you guys and congratulations to our entire team because as a team we have lost 419.7 lbs and 2.54% of our team's body percentage!

This week our team lost 0.23% which is slightly better than last week, so let's see how Team Lean faired out!!


MeltingLisa said...

Great job Team A!

Angie could you please take a look at my numbers, something up with my line :( I did send my WI this week, but my total loss line is at a 0 on your chart.

Just let me know if I need to resend. Thank you!!!!

Tanya said...

Hey Angie... I sent you mine too... -4 lbs this week (266 lbs).