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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Team Lean - Week 4 Results

Evenin' Everyone!

This week as a team we lost 40.9 lbs or 0.24% of our total body weight. I'm so proud to announce that after only one month into this challenge we have lost an incrediable 370.9 lbs!! WOW, seriously what an effort!!

This post is going to be short n sweet because I'm late getting in tonight....

Our Biggest Loser of the Week is Tiffany - A Glimpse In The Life Of, who lost 4.44% of her total body weight! (7 lbs)

In Second place was Nat - Oh To Lose, with an awesome 2.15% of her total body weight! (5 lbs)

And in Third was Sarah H - Bulge To Bump, with 1.79% of her total body weight!(4 lbs)

Here's to the start of another great week, maybe we can break the 400 lbs lost this coming Sunday!!

PS. I have sent out interviews to all 3 previous Biggest Losers of the Week but have yet to get their responses but I hope to have something to post for you all soon.

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