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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Reason #2 Why You Should Pledge Your Pounds...

Because General Mills, who makes all sorts of healthy cereals and products, and who is sponsoring the Pound for Pound Challenge, has generously, to my absolute DELIGHT, offered to donate a prize of General Mills products to our winner!!!!!


So don't forget to Pledge those Pounds because collectively we have lost over 1000 so far as a group! That's a TON!!!!!!!!!

Be proud of yourselves my friends, no matter what your contribution to that number is because that will be actual pounds of food donated to feed the hungry :-)

1 comment:

Dale said...

1000 lbs - technically that a half a ton... :D

But sadly, I haven't added a single pound to that number - my weigh in yesterday has me at the same 288lbs that I have been for weeks... arrgghhh!!!