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Sunday, March 15, 2009

A-Team - Week 9 - The "We Rock" Edition :-D

Well there's no stopping the A-team! Our first place loser for this week is Suzi (who is just 2.5 lbs away from her goal weight!) Yayyyyyyyyyyy Suzi!!!!

Our second biggest loser of the week is Kimberly H who lost 1.49% of herself (and over 10 lbs in the BLBE) :-D Way to go!

Our our third biggest loser this week was Shari who lost 1.45% of herself this week! (Shari has lost 27.1 lbs so far in the BLBE!!! Woooot!!!!!)

So proud of you guys!

Our team as a whole has lost 539.5 lbs which okay okay is not an entire ton which I said before, but a half of one - thanks for pointing that out guys ;-) - which by the way, can't quite understand why 2000lbs is a significant unit of measurement, but anyways, that goes along with my Canadian metric way of thinking I suppose eh! ;-D

Our team lost 21.25 lbs this week which is 0.17% of our team's total body percentage which I think is fantastic! Keep up the great work ya'll!

Have a great week everyone and I hope you're all smiling because in our neck of the woods it's feeling more like Spring :-D

1 comment:

Helping Myself 2009 said...

There was quite a few who didn't weigh in this week. I had a sucky week weight wise. I will have to make up for it the next 7 weeks.