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Monday, March 30, 2009

Team Lean - Week 11 Results

Good Evening BLBEers!

Once again, this week there was a delay in posting the results. I've had a rough, very busy week due to my husband's uncle passing away. However, this gave a few of you the opportunity to send in results as well. Unfortunately, I only got emails from 23 people this week. :( The Competition is almost over, lets really try and give it our all for the rest of the time! Me included!!

I would like to direct your attention to fellow teammate, Michelle (check out her new blog here!) who is now a contestant in a metro Milwaukee Biggest Loser style competition!! Show your support by voting for her here! Good luck Michelle, you rock!!

Now, down to business!

As a team, we lost 18.6lbs this week, for 0.09% of our total body weight. In total we've lost 535.9 lbs so far!!!!

Our Biggest Loser of the Week is Crystal - ByeBye Fat Pants, who lost 4.8 lbs, which is 2.11% of her body weight!

In second place is Jodi - Anything But Ordinary, who lost 4 lbs, which is 1.42% of her body weight!

And in third, we have Bethany - Confessions of a Twenty-Something, who also lost 4 lbs, which is 1.37% of her body weight!!

Those are awesome numbers!!!

Results for everyone else below:


Michelle said...

Thank you Lynn for the shout-out! With BLBE's support, I know I can win!


Justin 'sp4rky' Sanchez said...

A friend of mine with dietsinreview interviewed jillian michaels from Biggest Loser. She seems to be pretty ticked this season and it looks like she may not stay on for season eight. Check it out.