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Sunday, March 29, 2009

A-Team Week 12 - "The HAUL ASS Edition"

Oh yes my peeps, it's crunch time!! And not just the abdominal way either :-P (sorry I couldn't help it). It's the last FIVE weeks of our challenge and it's time to HAUL ASS! It may be rounding the homestretch, but five weeks IS PLENTY of time to get some serious results on your score card for the results at the end, so I hope that EVERYONE decides to pull up their socks, remember why they joined this challenge in the first place (including myself) and HAUL friggin' ASS to the finish line! Capeesh?? Okay, Awesome, we're all on board, good :-D
So to get on with this week's results....the A-Team's leader this week was Jennifer who is totally back in the game and lost a whopping 1.97% of her body this week! Go Jennifer!
Our second place leader this week was Brooke who always seems to kick ass in one way shape or form and lost 1.92% of her body (this girl has lost 29.4 lbs so far in this challenge!!) Way to go Brooke!!!!!
And our third place leader this wee, was Robyn who lost an awesome 1.52% of herself this week too!

Way to go my friends, you are truly great examples for our team! Keep up the outstanding work and we'll see who is going to give a run for their money!!!

1 comment:

JER29ELEVEN said...

Me?! I'm 3rd this week? Holy carp! Seriously?!

Mwhahahaha! *insert Happy Dance here* :)