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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Week 10 - A-Team

Hi Everyone! Can you believe that we have finished Week 10 already? Wow! Only 6 more weeks left!

Some of you have seriously given it your all and are representing our team with some superior results! I'm so proud of you guys!

This week's chart toppers for the A-Team are:

Robyn who lost 3.8 lbs this week which was 1.58% of her body weight! Way to go Robyn!

Not far behind was Sandy who lost 3.4 lbs which was 1.32% of her body weight! Holy smokes!

And Lesley who has shown her face in the top three more than once, lost 1.6lbs which was 1.15% of her teeny self :-)

Way to go ladies, you've done great!

The A-Team collectively has lost 536.5 lbs which is 3.77% of our team's total body GONE!

So since we have 6 weeks left in our challenge, I say that we HAUL ASS and get the job done that we came here for, right??! Even if you haven't had the results up to this point that you had hoped, you STILL have SIX weeks to go and that IS enough time to see some significant results, so let's bring it people, let's get 'er done!!


Julie said...

Angie... you are *SO* right. Six weeks is TONS of time... and we all want to be BIG losers! YAY!

Let's get going Team Angie... if you have to re-commit back to your plan and let's go full force!

Sandy said...

This is going so fast, lol. ONly 6 wks left?!?!? I am so ready to look good for summer :)

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