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Monday, April 13, 2009

A-Team Week 13 - The "50% Edition"

Well my little Asskickers, here we are about 50% of us still standing at Week 13! It may only be 50% of our original team, but there you are, the survivial of the fittest in a very literal form! I am so proud of you all for sticking it out this far. It means a lot to me to see you succeed in acheiving your goals!

So let's get on with the show, shall we?
Edit: I totally messed up and Brooke was our top loser of the week having lost a whoppin' 2.17% of herself last week! She just skimmed above Suzi, but was our leader nonetheless! She is doing so incredibly well, and she certainly deserved the shout out! Way to go Brooke!!

Our top loser of the week this was Suzi who has lost 2.16% of her tiny little self and is so incredibly close to acheiving her weight loss goal! Goooo Suzi!!!

Our second place loser of the week was Ashleigh who has been kicking ass since the beginning of this challenge and this week alone has lost 1.6% of herself! Woooot!

And our third (and certainly not least by a long shot) place loser this week is Sandy who lost 1.57% of herself this week! You go girl!

So proud of you all so much!

As a team and due to some elimination of some consistent no-show WI's our team's total lost poundage has decreased somewhat because we had to get rid of the results that were no longer an accurate contribution to our team. But even still, in our team of 44, we have lost 457 lbs!!! That's incredible you guys! That's a total team percentage lost of 5.21%

Again, I am so proud of you all for your perserverance, your stamina and commitment to your goals. You're all amazing!


H-woman said...

Kudos to all of us who are still standing!

H =)

Ida said...

Here, Here!

spunkysuzi said...

Congrats to Brooke :)

autumnbell said...

That is wonderful everyone Congrats