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Sunday, April 19, 2009

A-Team Week 14 - The "Eye on the Prize Edition"

That's right everyone, there's only two weeks left to the finish line of our BLBE2 challenge!! I can't believe that the finish line is right around the corner! This is where we all need to sprint to the finish, give it all you got and just keep your eye on the prize!!!! Two more weeks is all we're asking of ourselves and each other and two weeks is not that long at all!

Topping off the A-Team this week was Cadee who lost 2.31% of her body weight this week! HOLY! Great job!!

Diane earned a solid second having lost 1.60% of herself this week; and

Shari, not surprising in all her kick assness is sporting a respectable third place having lost 1.49% of herself this week too!

Way to go ladies, you deserve a major pat on the back from the A-Team and keep your eye on the prize!!!

1 comment:

Sandy said...

Only 4 lbs shy of my goal!!!!!!

So when is the next challenge, lol.