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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Drumrolllll Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease....

And our official Biggest Loser for the A-Team is: BROOKE!!!!!

Brooke has lost 41.2 lbs which is 17.62% of her total body percentage in 16 weeks!!!!!! YOU READ THAT RIGHT!!!! Go and look at her recent post of her progress pictures! Brooke is a beautiful girl who has kicked some serious ass and has taken quite a few names in the process because those left standing at the end of this 16 weeks are only the finest of the fine ;-)

The Prizes! Oh yes the Prizes!! Well the Biggest Loser from each team will receive:

1) 6 jars of PB2 & 6 jars of Chocolate PB2 from Bell Plantation (this stuff rocks my world);

2) A prize package from General Mills who are sponsoring the Pound for Pound challenge. Don't forget to pledge all of your pounds you have lost to help feed the hungry! The deadline is fast approaching on Tuesday!

3) A Shopping List and Nutritional Guide from actual Biggest Loser contestants Phil & Amy from The Biggest Loser Families; and

4) to the A-Team's Biggest Loser: A gift basket of soaps, candles, potpourri etc. from Sugar Bush Primatives donated by the lovely and generous A-Team member Mary

I want to congratulate Brooke from the very bottom of my heart. It means so very much to me that all of this was worth it to her and to all of you who have truly pushed yourselves throughout this entire challenge. You have proven to yourselves what you are capable of and even though our challenge is officially over, it most certainly is not the end to your commitment to your health and your weightloss.

I also want to sincerely thank Bell Plantation, General Mills, Phil & Amy and Mary for donating their prizes. Having prizes for our winners truly made this challange so much more fun!

And of COURSE EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU who has stuck through this to the very end! You have ALL done such an amazing job it's unreal!!

I also wanted to note the top five challengers from our team. These gals lost some serious pounds!
  1. Brooke - 41.20lbs - 17.62%
  2. Shari - 36.90lbs - 15.94%
  3. TJ - 28.40lbs - 13.21%
  4. Ashleigh - 32.40lbs - 11.21%
We had some serious numbers up there! And our team has lost over 400 lbs!!!!!!!!!!! That only those who stuck it to the end!!! UNREAL! DON'T FORGET TO PLEDGE YOUR POUNDS GUYS!!


Shari said...

Congrats Brooke!! Enjoy your prizes and WOW awesome progress pictures!

JER29ELEVEN said...

Congrats, Brooke! This is truly inspirational and even though the challenge is over, seeing someone accomplish this great feat in the amount of time that we had - I know I can make it happen for myself, as well! So, thank you for that! :)

Amie said...

Awesome job, Brooke! You look great!. Congratulations :)